Shorin Rio O. Daa, CPA

Shorin Rio O. Daa, CPA

September 25, 2019 by admin0

Success Story

By: Shorin Rio O. Daa, CPA

Oct 2017 FAILED
October 2018 PASSED

Since I was elem till college, I never really thought failure being part of my vocabulary just until I failed the board exam (October 2017). I thought God was making me just get the taste of it once so I did tried again. But no, I ddnt made it just yet. But what kept me pushing really was not my competitive spirit anymore but my faith in God’s perfect timing.

In life God will take almost everything that we have so that when we finally reach the peak it wasnt because of us anymore, but Him.

You, too will become CPAs. 🙏

October 2018

PS. Sharing this once again ❤️

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